Intellectual Disabilities Services

StarCare provides and coordinates services for people with Intellectual Disabilities. Services include:

  • Home and Community Based
  • Texas Home Living

    Community First Choice TransportationThese services are provided by StarCare’s partners in a person’s home and community on an hourly basis. Support services range from cleaning, cooking, meal preparation, and shopping to community activities such as eating out, movies, and other recreational activities. Transportation is also provided as a part of these services. These services are provided based on need.

    To Qualify for Personal Assistance Services/Habilitation and Supported Home Living/Community Support Transportation

    People Must:

    • Live in their own home or with family
    • Be enrolled in one of the following
      • Home and Community-Based program
      • Texas Home Living Program
      • General Revenue program

    Host HomeStarCare partners with individuals or families to provide support in their homes. The supports provided in a Host Home are less intense, so 24-hour awake staff is not required. Some people may be able to stay home alone for several hours based on their independent living and safety skills. The Host Home provides support much like the person would to a family member. Supports include:

    • Medical appointment assistance
    • Reminders or assistance to complete daily living skills
    • Meal planning and preparation
    • Transportation
    • Shopping
    • And more

    To Qualify for Host Home

    People Must:

    • Be Enrolled in the Home and Community Based program

    RespiteStarCare internal staff and partners, depending on the needs of the caregiver and service recipient, provide in- or out-of-home services for the relief of the unpaid primary caregiver, during emergency situations called respite. These services may be provided on an hourly or daily basis depending on the needs of the caregiver. All private homes are inspected to ensure they meet the safety needs required by the program.

    To Qualify for Respite

    People Must be Enrolled in One of the Following:

    • Home and Community-Based program
    • Texas Home Living Program
    • General Revenue program

    For Questions or More Information

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