Be Our Partner in Planning

Volunteer as a Member of the Planning & Network Advisory Committee

StarCare is looking for people interested in identifying community needs and providing input in planning, policymaking, and service delivery system design for intellectual disabilities. Members of our Planning & Network Advisory Committee (PNAC) are our partners in engaging in constructive dialogue, offering creative solutions to problems, and developing recommendations for StarCare’s Board of Trustees.

The PNAC consists of a diverse group of participants including:

  • Consumers of StarCare services
  • Family members of consumers
  • Providers of StarCare services
  • Interested citizens
  • Community stakeholders
  • Public agencies
  • Public and private providers of behavioral health services
  • Provider associations
  • Local businesses
  • Advocacy organizations
  • Civic organizations

To Volunteer

  1. Browse Our Current Needs Listed at the  Volunteer Center of Lubbock
  2. Review and sign the Criminal History and Registry Check Form
  3. Fill out the PNAC Volunteer Application
  4. Email the signed Criminal History and Registry Check Form and PNAC Volunteer Application to


11:30 am-12:45 pm

2nd Friday in February, May, August and November

In-person and Virtually Via Zoom

Questions? email

StarCare Specialty Health System Facilities and Vehicles are Tobacco Free