Extended Observation Unit

23 Hours for Mental Health Crisis Stabilization

StarCare’s Extended Observation Unit, located inside the Sunrise Canyon Complex, is a 23-hour observation unit where people who are experiencing a mental health crisis can be admitted in order to stabilize the crisis in the least restrictive environment.

In most instances, the emergency room is not conducive for a person in crisis – there they’re told to wait and like any health crisis it’s important to address a mental health crisis quickly and effectively. Waiting in crisis can lead to harming oneself or others or damaging property and can end with a call to law enforcement. Jail, like an ER, is also not the most appropriate place for a person in crisis.

In the Extended Observation Unit

A Person Experiencing a Crisis:

  • Has access to see a psychiatrist upon admission
  • Is observed by a psychiatric registered nurse
  • Is discharged at the end of 23 hours, if stable, and is
    • provided with a 10-day supply of medication(s)
    • provided with a referral for a follow-up appointment as appropriate
  • Is referred to an inpatient psychiatric facility if appropriate at the end of 23 hours


To Qualify for Extended Observation Unit Services:

Individuals Must:

  • Be in a mental health crisis
  • Voluntarily want to seek treatment
  • Be 18 years or older
Sunrise Canyon Complex

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