Established 1967


Crisis Line: (806) 740-1414
(Crisis Line Toll Free: (800) 687-7581)

Routine Services (Intake, Screening and Assessment): (806) 740-1421
OSAR Open Access on Monday and Wednesday 8:00am (except Center closure for holiday)
Mental Health Open Access on Tuesday and Thursday 8:00am (except Center closure for holiday)
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What does StarCare Specialty Health System do?
StarCare is an organization that develops, manages, and provides oversight for a system of many service providers, each one offering a valuable service to our consumers. It is our goal to offer people with mental illness, intellectual disability, chemical dependency and HIV the opportunity to successfully achieve the outcomes they desire. 


  1. On September 1, 2015, StarCare Specialty Health System will become a Tobacco-Free Environment. Employees, contractors, vendors, students, visitors and the people we support may not use tobacco in any form when inside StarCare facilities and vehicles or on property owned or operated by StarCare, including personal vehicles. DSHS/American Cancer Society Quit line (1-877-937-7848).
  2. Texas Mental Health website provides information, resources, and direction to Texas residents who may have mental health or substance use related needs or who want to support someone who does.


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