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Local Planning & Network Development (LPND)

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What is LPND?

StarCare, the Local Mental Health Authority (LMHA), is required by law to develop an implementation plan that assessmbles a network of service providers in which the company can only serve in certain limited circumstances. This applies only to mental health services that are funded by the state. The implementation plan, known as the Local Provider Network Development Plan (LPND), must reflect local needs and priorities and maximize consumer choice and access to qualified service providers.

The goal of this process and plan is for the LMHA to incorporate strategies to ensure continuous consumer access to services while increasingly expanding the network of providers, maintaining a steadily decreasing share of services. The desired outcome is for consumers to have choice from among multiple service providers and for the LMHA to provide management and oversight of the provider network.

2020 Provider Network Development Plan

LPND Potential Provider Information

Public Notice: Mental Health Provider Network Development
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StarCare currently contracts with the organizations and individuals listed on the following roster for mental health and support services.

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