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StarCare Specialty Health System is governed by a 9-member Board of Trustees, with members appointed three sponsoring entities:
Board Member Occupation Term
Appointing Entity Year of
Mr. William Carter
Medical Executive Committee Member
Retired Police Officer 8/31/2018 City of Lubbock 2012
Ms. Susanna Cisneros
Communications 8/31/2017 Lubbock ISD 2009
Ms. Mary Collier
PACE Advisory Committee Liaison
Interior Design 8/31/2017 Lubbock County 2009
Ms. Rene Gonzales Davis Inventory Manager 8/31/2017 Lubbock ISD 2013
Ms. Drue Farmer
Judge 8/31/2017 Lubbock County 2007
Mr. Robert B. Kazee, Jr. Retired Teleservices 8/31/2018 City of Lubbock 2004
Mr. Carlos Morales
Home Healthcare 8/31/2018 Lubbock County 2008
Mr. Brian Shannon Professor of Law 8/31/2018 City of Lubbock 1991
Ms. Lois Shields Retired Banking 8/31/2018 Lubbock ISD 1996

The Board of Trustees holds regular meetings (usually the first Tuesday of the month) at 4:00 p.m. and such special meetings as may be necessary for the conduct of its business.  Meetings are open to the public in accordance with the statutes of the State of Texas.

Appointments to the Board of Trustees are made in accordance with SB112 4.03 (a) Art. 5547-203, Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes.  The Board of Trustees reflects the diversity of the service area and includes one or more persons who are consumers of the types of service the Center provides or who are family members of consumers of the types of services the Center provides.

No member of the Board of Trustees is employed by the Center.


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